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Simulation games have always been well-liked by a large number of Android gaming groups. Despite the fact that many simulation games come and go, Storypick continues to attract a large number of players. Colossal people have already pre-registered for it, and it is projected to attract over a million players once it is released worldwide.

This simulation game allows players to incorporate popular TV shows and drama series into their own tale. However, before you press the pre-register button, have a look at some of the game’s special features.

NameStorypick Mod Apk
App ByCom2uS
Size83 MB

As the creators have offered Kingdom, Heart Signal, and King B’s Series to their user base, a player may make various popular dramas his own. All of these tales may be rebuilt based on the player’s preferences. It’s a great way to see how a person’s decisions affect the outcome of a tale.

Playing the game

Anyone may play the game since it is really easy. People are given two options on every occasion or event. As a player, you must read the circumstances and choose one of the two options on the screen by clicking on it.

Once a player has made a decision, the response chosen will determine the following circumstance or scenario in which the player will have to make a decision. This is how Storypick works and how it assists individuals in getting to the end of a narrative. Furthermore, as one narrative concludes, players may change their attention to another and begin playing it in the same manner (making choices about options given).

Features of the Game

When discussing this game, a few features should be mentioned since they will be alerted as soon as the player begins the game. These are some of them:

Numerous tales: When choosing to play this game, a person has a lot of options, from heart-fluttering romance to creative series. What game you wish to play is entirely up to you.

Character selection: To keep things interesting, the game’s creators have enabled players to pick any character from the plot. This allows you to replay the same narrative with new characters each time to see how it ends.

Reading tales and open events: Another feature worth highlighting is the open events that players may participate in while playing this game and reading great tales.

Easy controls: Like other games, Storypick features a limited number of controls, making it a simple game that everyone can play without difficulty.

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