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We have discovered an android application technique that allows gamers to acquire premium Mobile Legends skins for free. Isn’t this fantastic news for you? If that’s the case, keep reading to learn how to acquire premium content for free with EZ Stars APK. We will provide you with a download link for this article. Continue scrolling.

NameEZ Stars APK
App ByHeru
Size6 MB

Mobile Legends is the greatest MOBA game ever created for Android smartphones, with the capacity to deliver 5v5 gaming through Internet servers. Exactly the same. It astonishes you with a variety of modes, including classic, rank, brawl, against A.I., Custom, and draught select.

Moonton invented it in 2016, and it has since grown in popularity all around the globe. Character development is at the centre of the game, and many people like those imaginary characters. If you’re one of those people who like using paid heroes yet wants to purchase premium skins for them, our EZ stars app can help you out.

EZ Stars APK is an android utility programme with optimised code in general. As a result, it is compatible with a wide range of Android versions and consumes less resources. The primary goal of this project is to make changes to the Mobile Legends game, such as ML Skins, Drone View, Recalls, Battle Effects, and Backgrounds, among other things.

The Notification tab informs you of any new features that have been added to the most recent build. If you want to learn about the new character skins, you just need to look at them once. As a result, you may utilise it in the next game. The Ez Stars app features its own web servers that deliver goods from the cloud, so you’ll need a good internet connection to use it.

This application’s creator is a student who is passionate about creating tools that allow others to get premium items for free. His name is Heru, and one of his most well-known enterprises is EZ Hunter FC, which also provides free ML skin injections.

Premium ML Skins are now available.

Fortunately, we have access to all the skins for our favourite characters in the Tank, Marksman, Assassin, Mage, Support, and Fighter classes. So, by just hitting the inject button, we may activate the skins for our unlocked character.

Star, Lightborn, Special, Epic, Zodiac, Elite, and Legend are some of the most popular heroes’ skins available via this programme. There is also a backup option for each character that allows you to undo modifications.

Drone View

In basic terms, the Drone view is a magnified version of the usual perspective that makes it easier to locate opponents. As a result, if you enable these options in the EZ Stars App, your map will be zoomed out. You may change the scale from 1x to 9x, but be cautious while doing so. Moonton bots have a better probability of catching you.

Battle Effects

Battle Effects are the effects that appear in the game. These are essentially paid animations that you may purchase with your gold coins if you want to dabble with different animation styles.


Zodiac, Fire Bolt, Fire Crown, Seal of Anvil, MSC, Sumer Gala, Saber, M1, Alu Legend, Venom, KOF, GS Legend, Sky Guard, MCL, Lightborn, and more are among the titles that come to mind.


K.O. Eliminasi, EVOS, 515, Super, Calamity, Hero, and Original Backup


Christmas, MSC, Summer, Super Hero, Starlight, Evos, M1, Sky Guardian, Angel, and Original are some of the spawned characters.


Shrine, Starlight, Crystal, Summer, Gala, and Lightborn are all notfications.


RRQ Lemon, Emotes RRQ, EVOS, Gusion KOF, Bruno, Guinivere KOF I’m frightened, enraged, BIUBIUBIU, BYe Bye, Come Get Me, and more.


The creator is certainly more inventive, as seen by the addition of custom-made backdrops based on exquisite anime movie posters. If you like anime characters, you’ll like using the EZ Stars APK tool to create beautiful walls. There are also some premium backdrops that you may view for free.

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